Someday, you’ll be happy you did.

On April 9th, 2013 at 11:35am I got a phone call from my grandfather. He was calling me from the waiting room of the intensive care unit of a Sarasota, FL hospital. He was there with my grandmother and she was not doing well. That’s a day that I will never forget. I drove there as fast as I could, calling family as I drove. Within 3 hours I was faced with the reality that I would (within just a few hours) be losing my “Gram”, a loving and caring woman that had been the constant source of love and acceptance throughout my life (not to mention the source of the best hugs on Earth).

My grandmother lived a full life, a kind and caring woman that had five of her own children, plus five step-children, and had “unofficially adopted” dozens and dozens of her children’s neighborhood friends. Over the years she would give her love and kindness freely to anyone who could use a smile, a good meal, or a warm hug. One of Gram’s finest traits was her ability to tell stories. I have spent many Saturday mornings sitting across the dining room table, drinking coffee with her and listening to stories about her life, my family and even my own early childhood. Those stories are a treasure.

About a week after that sad April day, luck would have it that I found a video that I had made of my grandmother, five years earlier. This video was an interview I did of her telling some of those treasured stories. That video inspired me to create LegacyGram. I believe that if I can help people share their stories, then maybe I can help enrich their lives.

I miss my “Gram” dearly. There are so many things that I wish I could ask her. There are so many stories that I know are still left in her heart, and even to this day, I long to hear them. It is my hope that LegacyGram will help you and your family to share those golden stories with each other. Tell your stories and get your friends and family to tell theirs. Someday, you’ll be happy you did.

Take care of your family,

Eric -
Founder of LegacyGRAM